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Betterwise is a new learning service designed to meet Gen Z learners where they are. We helped them to design their brand-new website.

Services offered to the client: Web Design and Development


The goal of this website was to create UX/UI for Betterwise that displayed the features of their application in a way that matches their target audience. After extensive research done by our UX/UI designers, Brand Vision utilized the target audience research to create a design which adheres to the target market. 

The Challenge:

 Although the application Betterwise has created is targeted to the younger generation, a UX/UI design needs to be created to target both their younger audience as well as their parents who will be purchasing the plan. 

Steps: The design and development of this website followed these steps:

  1. Site goals review

  2. User persona

  3. Sitemap creation

  4. Sketched low-fidelity wireframes

  5. Mobile Design

  6. Figma prototype

  7. Front-end mobile development

  8. Plugin/API Implementation & optimization

  9. Hosting setup

  10. Launching and Support

Brand Vision’s Impact: 

Brand Vision has created a UX/UI design for Better Wise that encompasses both sides of their target audience. The new UX/UI design has created a much more succinct experience for their users and inevitably lead to the generation of more leads, as well as increased conversion rates. 

Testimonial of the client:

Better Wise is one of the many successful clients. They have left multiple 5-star reviews on Brand Vision's platforms expressing their contentment.

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