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HUSH is a party like you've never seen before. No more noise complaints from your neighbours or your mom. Party like it's your last one until the end of time.

Hush began in Toronto, Canada, in 2020, when we were all going through it. It started in my living room, where I had a few buddies over late in the evening. The problem was that we wanted to listen to loud music, party and let loose. Well, that wasn't the problem; the problem was the loud noise annoying my parents and neighbours. I'm sure you can relate too. All I wanted with my friends was to let our minds free and take a break from all the craziness, but because of all the noise complaints, we weren't able to.

One day this random idea came to mind where we could all listen to music with headphones without disturbing the people around us, but that seemed to take all the fun out of it since we weren't able to hear each other.

After a few months of researching and thinking of ideas, I created a technology built-in my headphones where everyone can listen to the same music and hear whoever that's directly talking to them.

I proposed the idea to my friends, and we decided to take this to the next level and use this at events.

We are: Creative, Fun, Colorful, Quiet, Humble, Collaborative and Professional.

We are humans, speaking to humans. We have reached the correct audience if you came across this site and are intrigued about us.

Steps: The development of branding followed these steps:

  1. Branding goals review

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