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Titan Flooring

Our team of designers have created a strong representation for Titan Flooring and their services in order to stand out in their industry.

Services offered to the client: Web Design and Development


The goal of this project was to create a website design on the WordPress platform that displayed their services, and products, as well as showcasing their past work. After extensive work done by our design and development team, Brand Vision utilized the vision Titan Flooring provided to us, in order to create a website design that complemented their brand and quality of work. 

The Challenge:

Titan Flooring needed to create a strong representation of its company and services in order to stand out in their industry. Titan Flooring needed a website that was able to showcase their quality of work and how they differ from their competitors. Titan Flooring also wanted a website that was timeless, and would continue to grow and evolve with the company.

Steps: The design and development of this website followed these steps:

  1. Site goals review

  2. User persona

  3. Sitemap creation

  4. Sketched low-fidelity wireframes

  5. Mobile Design

  6. Figma prototype

  7. Front-end mobile development

  8. Plugin/API Implementation & optimization

  9. Hosting setup

  10. Launching and Support

Brand Vision’s Impact: 

Brand Vision has designed and developed a beautiful website on the WordPress platform for Titan Flooring that showcases their products, and services, as well as their ongoing and past projects. The new website design has created a much more succinct experience for their users and inevitably lead to the generation of more leads, as well as increased conversion rates. 

Testimonial of the client:

Titan Flooring is one of the many successful clients. They have left multiple 5-star reviews on Brand Vision's platforms expressing their contentment.

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