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Winona Park Towns

Winona Park is a Townhouse project located in Toronto and Brand Vision helped with its Branding, Web Design, Email Marketing and Digital Advertisement.

Brand Vision is proud to present Winona Park Towns project. This project had the goal of reaching its potential audience in a short span of time in order achieve the best result in the pre-construction sale campaign. Brand Vision was responsible for creating a memorable branding package, a functional and user friendly website and an email marketing and advertising campaign.

Visit their site by following this link.

Branding: Although Winona Park Towns did not require a long term brand strategy, the brand identity and visuals were an essential part for the marketing success of this project. Brand Vision provided logo development, digital assets, colour palette, typography and corporate identity. All of the branding material were crucial in order for Winona Park Towns to connect to its potential audience and leave a great first impression!

Web Design and Development: The main place for the audience and potential clients of Winona Park Towns to learn about this unique project was Winona Park's website. Since lead generation was the main goal for this brand, the website needed to create a smooth user experience in order to navigate the visitors through the content and the final destination which was a reservation contact form. In order to comply with client's needs, Brand Vision also developed videos with voice over to connect better with client's audience. Script writing, visuals, videography and voice overs were all provided by Brand Vision's team.

Features: In order to present the location of the project, Brand Vision developed an interactive map in order for the visitors to easily find the hotspots near the project.

Email Marketing and Advertising: Winona Park's digital advertising were based on PPC advertisement on platforms like Google and Facebook/Instagram in order to reach the potential end user clients. Brand Vision created an effective ppc campaign on all the mentioned platforms and managed and approved the result for the total length of the project.

This project was a rewarding experience for our team and we were able to provide great results for the client with a large variety of services.

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