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Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance is a renowned leading PR agency with a futuristic view and notable clients like Mercedes Benz and Grey Goose.

Summary: Brand Vision collaborated with P&C to create a truly eye-catching website with interactive animations and memorable visual effects. The website has been developed on the WebFlow platform in order to create seamless and fast animations. Our award-winning web design team believes in modern and simplistic designs to ensure that the focus of the audience is pinpointed to the content and the work of the business rather than an overly busy static website. We carefully curated each and every section of the website to take the user’s journey through the website into consideration and ensure that the narrative of the site is orchestrated such that the visitor is guided accordingly.

Steps: The design and development of this website followed these steps:

  1. Site goals review

  2. User persona

  3. Sitemap creation

  4. Sketched low-fidelity wireframes

  5. Mobile Design

  6. Figma prototypes

  7. Mockups

  8. General website development

  9. Front-end mobile development

  10. Plugin/API Implementation & optimization

  11. Cross-browser and device testing

  12. User Testing

  13. Hosting setup

  14. Launching and Support

Brand Vision’s Impact: P&C experienced a revolutionary design improvement to their website. The new design created a much better presentation of P&C for their high-profile enterprise clients.

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